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The Wellness Huddle

The Wellness Huddle

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Are you feeling anxious and stressed? Is life getting you down? Are you feeling overwhelmed and burned out? Do you feel that everything is just too much hassle? Rest assured, you are not alone. 

Too many of us, men in particular find it hard to talk about what's really going on with us. We think we should be able to cope and struggle on, not asking for help. We feel embarrassed, put on a front, pretending all's fine in our world. All the while things are getting worse. 

The Wellness Huddle is a six-week journey created for men. It offers a powerful opportunity to share your struggles, victories, and everything in between with like-minded men who truly get it. Let's break the silence and shatter the stigma surrounding mental health.

Each weekly one hour session will focus on a specific theme such as anxiety and depression, stress management and building resilience. You'll gain an insight into the topic, have opportunities to share your concerns and get guidance. You'll also learn practical tips and tools you can use to improve your wellbeing. 

There are many benefits from taking proactive action to work on your mental health and participating in group sessions. They include emotional support, reduced stress, enhanced self awareness, improved coping skills and increased resilience. 

The Wellness Huddle is a safe, non judgemental, supportive and confidential space. The package price of six online sessions is £180. The minimum group size is 8 and the maximum is 16 participants. Sign up for one of the upcoming Groups below. Dates for all sessions in each Group are shown. 

Group A
Session 1: Tuesday 11th June 2024, 7pm 
Session 2: Tuesday 18th June 2024, 7pm
Session 3: Tuesday 25th June 2024, 7pm
Session 4: Tuesday 2nd July 2024, 7pm
Session 5: Tuesday 9th July 2024, 7pm 
Session 6: Tuesday 16th July 2024, 7pm 

Let’s redefine strength together. 
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