“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

Oprah Winfrey


In a nutshell “Therapy provides a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for you to talk about your issues and concerns. You can explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and develop a better understanding of yourself and of others.” BACP

There are different types of therapy. At what about you the overall approach is integrative,
solution focussed, strengths and values based. The main type of therapies used are
Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Family Therapy,
Relationship Therapy, and Systemic Therapy.

The difference between therapy and coaching.

To put it simply, in coaching you will not seek understanding of, or explore your issues and concerns, thoughts, feelings or behaviours. These can be seen as the foundational aspects of who you are and how you approach your life.

The purpose of coaching is to identify what you want to achieve in a specific area, decide your goals, and plan how you will achieve those goals. It starts in the present and is action, goal and future oriented. Going through the process of coaching can reveal that you could benefit from having therapy.

Therapy and coaching require different (yet complimentary) skill sets. A Coach should only provide therapy if they are qualified to do so.

What About You
provides therapy in the following formats

1:1 Therapy

Individual sessions focused on you, provide an opportunity to delve deep into areas of concern, explore and identify the root cause, gain insights and understanding. In parallel define and adopt new thought processes and behaviours.

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The Wellness Huddle

The Wellness Huddle is a six-week journey created for men. It offers a powerful opportunity to share your struggles, victories, and everything in between with like-minded men who truly get it.

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Group Therapy

Groups run for six weeks, and consist of 6 x 1 hour weekly sessions, for up to 10 participants.

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