"It is not how smart you are, it is how are you smart?” Jane Wurwand


Coaching is an opportunity to focus on, and invest in yourself and aspirations. Areas include career development, leadership, innovation, defining your vision and values, developing skills, a personal on boarding programme, stepping up to the next level, rethinking your career, pursuing a start-up and so much more.

Coaching sessions are personal to you, a rapport between you and the Coach is a critical success factor. Our approach is empathetic and supportive. We’ll gently hold you accountable as you become unstuck, work on your transformation and achieve powerful breakthrough.

What about you provides coaching in the following formats:

Individual coaching, Group coaching and customised packages.

To find out more about coaching please fill in the contact form and we’ll be in contact to arrange a 30 minute consultation which will take place by phone or via Zoom.

Group Coaching

These provide an opportunity to collaborate with others whilst still focusing on your own personal goals. Some groups may focus on a specific topic and in others individuals focus on their own objectives. The value comes from the shared learning experience.

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1:1 Coaching

Individual sessions focused solely on you and your personal areas for improvement. These
can range from transitioning through redundancy, job search, on boarding, team management, developing a personal leadership style, defining your life goals
etc. There are two options 6 x 1 hour sessions and 6 x 1.5 hour sessions which can be taken over a three month period.

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Custom Packages

A custom service designed based on your needs, such as an intensive which takes place in a specific period of time, a retreat for a group of friends, team coaching, and a sounding board.

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